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How do I use the Virtual Race App?
Download and open the app on your phone. Login using your US Road Running email and password if prompted. Select a race from your race listings, and click the "Load" button on the top of your screen to start downloading the race data. Once the race data has been downloaded you are ready to start your race. Go to your race start location and click the "Start" button. A three second count down will begin followed by a gun sound.

The race has begun and the race timer is running. The app will track your location and distance. There is no "Stop" button, only a "Restart" button to start all over again. The app will stop the race timer once you completed the distance for the race. You can change race views depending on what you want to see.

Placement view will show you and the racers that are near you for more of a head to head competition.

Stats view will show your race statistics and race placements.

Map view will display a map of your course as you are running.

Once the app has detected you have gone the correct distance it will stop the race timer and play a sound. You are done and can switch between views to see how you did. Now you just need to hit the "Post" button to upload your time to the US Road Running server, so others can compete with you on their virtual race.

Why don't I hear a sound when using the app?
This app will respect your sound setting on your phone, so it will not play sound if your phone mute button in on. Also if the sound volume is set very low it can causing you to miss the sound.

Will the app still track my time and distance if it's asleep?
Yes, this app will run in the background and while asleep, to track your time and distance. It will also stop the race once you reached the correct distance. So if you start a 5K race and end up feeling good and run for 4 miles, the app will stop the timer and end the race at the 5K distance.

Will this app drain my battery?
Tracking distance takes battery power, so this app was designed to only track distances when a race is running. Before a race starts and after a race is over the distance tracking is turned off. That way it will save as much of your battery as possible.

Let's say you are running a 10K race with your phone in your pocket. The distance tracking is turned on once you hit the start button, but after the race is over you forget about the phone until you get back home. The distance tracking would have turned its self-off once the 10K distance was reached. So the trip home would not cause any undue battery draining.

The Virtual Race App showed I ran 3.1 miles but the timer didn't stopped for my 5K race?
A 5K race is 5000 meters long. That works out to be just about 3.1 miles, but not exactly it's a little bit more than 3.1 miles. The app knows this will run until you reach 5000 meters, not 3.1 miles. The same holds true for a 10K race, but a race that measured in miles will end at that mile marker, so a 5 Miler will end at exactly 5 miles.

Why is a race that I already ran is still showing on the app?
US Road Running will allow you to re-run races up to 30 days past the final registration date. That way you have the opportunity to better your time, or re-run a race if another runner had posted their time and you wish to run against them. A race with green lettering is your way to know that you have already ran it once and have a posted time. Once 30 days past the final registration date passes the race will disappear. If you have a race that you never ran, it will show until you post a time no matter how long past the final registration date it is.

How can I stop the timer after I start a race?
You can not. Just like a live race once the race has started the timer is running until you finish. If you can't finish a race that you started then you can click the restart button at the top. That will stop and reset the race allowing you to start all over again from the beginning.